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Women’s Wedding Tuxedos

So you’re a woman and you’re getting married, huh? Why not consider wearing a custom tuxedo to your wedding, or to the rehearsal dinner the night before? Tuxedos on women look amazing. We’ve made several now – in black, white, midnight blue, so far – and they have turned out beautifully. Why not considering upending those bulls+$t gender stereotypes and wear a tuxedo on your big day. Bianca Jagger did it for her wedding, and I can nary think of a stronger / more impressive look!

The title of this post is ‘Women’s Wedding Tuxedos,’ but really it’s meant to inspire women looking for a tuxedo for all types of occasions. Got a formal event coming up? Wear a tuxedo. Going for dinner at a three-star Michelin restaurant? Why not wear a tuxedo… Going to a film premiere? Wear a tuxedo… Just want to look amazing on the subway? Wear a tuxedo!wedding tuxedos

Tuxedos are not just for men anymore, as some of our female clients have emphatically demonstrated to us. Women’s custom tuxedos are a thing now too, just like women’s custom suits. 

If a women’s custom tuxedo is something you’ve been considering, please keep Watson Ellis in mind. We firmly believe we make the best custom tuxedos for women in NYC, at affordable prices. I know how to design tuxedos that flatter women’s bodies in all the right ways, and I know how to seamlessly guide women through the whole fitting and design process. Don’t be daunted, you are in good hands! 

We also offer the world’s best tuxedo fabrics, along with endless design options for your garments. All our tuxedos, like our custom suits, are handmade and tailored to fit your body perfectly. Book in for an obligation-free appointment today – https://www.watsonellis.com/appointment

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