Stop Criminals from Choosing Your Home with Home Security Systems in Orlando

Clever criminals can gain access to almost any home. But fortunately, most criminals aren’t very clever – instead they look for easy marks. Read on for home security tips that can lower the odds of home invasion and improve your peace of mind with home security systems in Orlando.

1. Light it up. Lights deter home break-ins for two reasons. First, lights give the impression that someone is home. Second, lights make it easier for criminals to be seen and identified.

Outside your home, install motion-activated lights or keep lights on throughout the night. Inside your home, keep lights on even when you’re away. Home security systems in Orlando with home automation make it easy to program your lighting. With mobile app control, you can regulate the lamps from anywhere.

2. Use TV and radio. Help create the impression that your home is occupied by playing a radio station or the TV. Criminals might still try to break in if they think they won’t be noticed, but the sound of voices can be a deterrent.

3. Fortify the doors. A properly reinforced door can’t be kicked in. Fortify a basic wooden door with a few inexpensive metal strike plates. Comparable reinforcers can be installed around door handles so that they’re more difficult to remove. As for locks, strong doors are secured with high-quality deadbolt locks. Many of the leading home security systems in Orlando include powerful door locks with keypads and remote control.

4. Protect your windows. To stop criminals from choosing your home, walk around the premises and examine your windows with a criminal mind. Are basement windows easy to open? Protect them with metal grates or bars. Are higher-up windows accessible? Remember that criminals could use a ladder, a patio table, a drainpipe, a car or each other’s shoulders as a boost so use window locks!

Professional home security systems in Orlando help guard windows with magnetic sensors. A popular add-on for home security is glass break sensors that are programmed to detect the specific sound of breaking glass.

5. Hide helpful objects. Homeowners sometimes make criminals’ job too easy by providing the tools! Don’t be a victim – store your ladders and stackable items (such as heavy boxes) in a locked area. Avoid storing a table or other items near your home where it can be used as a step.

6. Don’t hide a key. Many people think that they hide their spare keys; however, stashing a key is very risky. If you tend to forget house keys, automated door locks with keypads might be a better solution.

7. Don’t provide outdoor hiding places. Trees and bushes can conceal prowlers. By keeping your property well maintained, you can make sure that overgrowth doesn’t provide hiding areas.

8. Maintain your property. Maintain your home’s exterior in general — the paint, pavement and so forth — to show that you take pride in the property and aren’t the sort of person to leave your home vulnerable. If you own a home security system in Orlando, display a yard sign prominently and use the provided window stickers.

9. Gain strength in community. Neighborhood watch groups meet in person to get acquainted, share information and strategize for safety. Neighbors working together can petition their local governments for streetlights. Public lighting can dramatically reduce crime.

Your home is meant to be your safe haven. Don’t leave it vulnerable to the criminals out there who want to steal your sense of security. Call us today for more information regarding the many features of popular home security systems in Orlando.

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