Is It Time To Replace Your Gardner Denver Air Compressor in GA?

For many businesses that utilize compressed air, regular service and preventative maintenance can keep equipment running smoothly for many years. But equipment failure does happen at time, so to repair your Gardner Denver air compressor in GA or replace it, becomes the question.

While the decision can be difficult to make, there is a good rule of thumb that business owners can follow.

When to Repair Your Gardner Denver Air Compressor in GA

Considering the high cost of these air compressors, the first – and best – option is usually to try to repair the faulty parts, particularly if:

  • The compressor works reliably and there is no indication that underlying problems exist;
  • The compressor has not been succeeded by important more recent technology;
  • The equipment is relatively new.

Your Gardner Denver air compressor in GA can falter for several reasons, some of which may be a sign of damage that can be repaired, such as:

  • Extremely hot discharge air, which could be a sign of a problem with the cooling system;
  • Unusual or excess noise when the compressor is running, which could be due to issues with the bearings, crankcase, flywheel, or brakes;
  • Unusually high consumption, which may be the result of worn piston rings, poor air ventilation, or loose belts.
  • Excessive wear on the belts, which could mean they are out of alignment or that the best is excessively loose or tight;
  • Oil levels are not normal, which means you need to examine and adjust the lubricant levels during regular maintenance.

All of these issues can be easily fixed without much downtime.

When to Replace Your Gardner Denver Air Compressor in GA

If your compressor is faulty or has become obsolete, and it is not executing to the best of its ability, you should consider getting an energy audit. After a thorough assessment, a professional can suggest changes to enhance the efficiency of your operations, some of which may involve the replacement of your compressor.

You typically need to update your air compressor if your existing unit breaks down often, is not energy efficient, or is not meeting the demands of your growing business. You should also replace older models when replacement parts are difficult to find and any repair work becomes costly, time-consuming, and difficult.

While it’s important to make sure you’ve done all you can to prevent costly repairs, it’s just as important to know when to consult a professional whose specialty lies in the repair of compressors on a daily basis.

In this business success can be found in simply avoiding EVERY possible cause of failure and there a lot of them out there. Forewarned is forearmed. Go it alone, at your own risk, or be safe and go with the professionals at Pye-Barker Engineered Solutions.

If you are experiencing issues with your Gardner Denver air compressor in GA and want to know if repair or replacement is your best option, contact us today to speak with one of our experts.

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