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How to Choose a Bail Bond Agency in Aurora County?

Let’s start this off with a short story, something someone who has a friend or loved arrested in Aurora County can relate to. It’s 2 in the morning and the phone rings. You wake up, hesitant to answer the call, but you know in your gut that it is something important, so you answer it anyway. The call is from a friend who got arrested for driving under the influence after coming home from a party. He needs your help, he wants you to post bail for him, but you don’t have $5000 at hand. What do you do?

Aurora County Bail Bonds

Well, you may have heard of 10 percent bail bonds and 24-hour bail bonds services. That’s right; a 10 percent bail bond means you need only to pay a premium of 10 percent of the cash bond through a 24-hour bail bond service, and then you can help your friend post bail. That solves two of your problems at the same time; Instead of forking out $5000, which you may not have at hand you only pay $500, and you can avail of the services of a 24 Hour bail bond service even at 2 in the morning. Now then, how do you choose a bail bond service in Aurora County?

Read Between the Lines

You will no doubt come across a couple of webpages of 24-hour bail bonds companies that provide services in Aurora County. This can be both a good thing and a not so good thing. You need to sift through the wheat and the chaff because it is so easy to look for practically anything on the internet these days and with your trusty smartphone. Carefully read their webpage and not just the testimonials. You want cold and hard facts, not fluff.

Most importantly, see how much of the premium you need to pay. That is the bottom line. Ten percent up to 15 or 20 is good but a bit steep, but anything below 10 percent, or one of those “cheap bail bonds” is a barefaced rip-off. Trust us on that one.

Now, Make Your Call

So you found a bail bond service in Aurora County. Get their hotline and call them up. If it rings more than ten times and you don’t get an answer, chances are you found yourself one without a 24-hour hotline. This is no joke; it does happen. Or, you do get an answer, and then the not so friendly other person on the line says they do have an office in Aurora, but they’ll have to call up a bonds agent from their other office somewhere in Denver since they don’t have one right now. Again, this is no joke; it does happen.
Bottom line? Don’t be fooled by what you read, be it on a website or a flyer or newspaper ad; do things the old fashioned way and give them a call.

What You Should Ask When Choosing a Bail Bond Agency in Aurora County

Now, when it comes to choosing the right bail bonds company, here are a few very simple guidelines;

  • Ask if they have an office or a branch in Aurora County
  • Ask if they have a bail bonds agent available on the spot and ready to post bail for your friend who is praying to get out in an Aurora County jail or detention Center
  • Ask if they are licensed or accredited either by the BBB or Colorado Division of Insurance
  • Ask about the premium; if they say 10 percent bail bonds, that’s about right. Some will charge 20 percent. Choose one according to your means and discretion
  • Ask them how quickly you can meet up with the bondsman to sign the necessary documents and to pay the premium

Need More Help?

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