Global orthodontic accessories supplying market on course for growth

The global orthodontic accessories market is pretty much on its course for growth. As per the report “orthodontic supplies market – forecast to 2021” -, this market is all set to touch the figure of 4.71 billion USD by the year 2021. This report takes into account market forces and trends of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world.
This figure portended for 2021 is at a CAGR of eight percent in the duration of the forecast period of 2016 to 2021. There are several reasons for this high growth level. One of them is an increasing number of patients with malocclusion, jaw diseases, tooth decay and loss and jaw pain. Another major factor is that people with more of disposable income is growing and they tend to go in for such procedures. Also is the cause that there is an increase in the awareness levels of these methodologies of treatments.
A clear-cut division in the orthodontic supplies market
The global orthodontic supplies market is divided into three segments. These are children, teenagers and adults. The children and teenagers segments are portended to take away the biggest market chunk in 2016. This is due to the enormous number of cases of malocclusions and jaw related problems. Also, the heightened percentages of children with braces is another contributing reason. North America is up for taking the biggest chunk of this market pie in 2016.
The biggest players in this ring
Companies such as 3M Company of the United States, Align Technology Inc. of the US, Danaher Corporation of the US, Henry Schein, Inc. of the US, DENTSPLY International of the US, American Orthodontics of the US, Rocky Mountain Orthodontics of the US, Dentaurum GmbH & Co. KG of Germany, TP Orthodontics Inc. of the US, are some of the important players in this market ring. The firm Markets and Markets, which serves 1700 global fortune enterprises, conducts over and above 1200 high-class studies each year.
Other reasons for these rising figures of demand are the development of advanced orthodontic supplies with better performance and effectiveness of treatment. In the adolescent sector, it is the increasing awareness of the cosmetic, maxillofacial development and advantages of timely treatment. When it comes to adults, it is the wish of having youthful appearance being retained for a longer time that makes them go in for orthodontic treatment. The rising number of cases registering for such treatment is automatically fuelling the demand for orthodontic accessories on a global scale.
It is known that the demand for such procedures in North America and Europe is very high. What is heartening news for all concerned in this sector is that developing countries in Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Middle East are giving out signals of big-time growth in their quarters as well.
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