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Five Disadvantages of CRM Email Tracking and How You Can Work Around It

Customer relation management is nothing new in the business world. The use of CRM systems has its advantages and certainly helps the sales depart and managers. The CRM keeps all the data in one place and makes it accessible when and where needed. One of the most popular CRMs is Salesforce. 

In 1999, Salesforce launched and has been gaining momentum ever since. The timeline of growth with this business is nothing less than remarkable. Salesforce activity tracking started out in a one-bedroom apartment and has grown to helping millions of customers create better work systems. 

CRM tracking

Although many businesses use a CRM there are those individuals who are still very reluctant to learn the system. 

CRM Email Tracking Disadvantages

  1. Not properly tracking emails and having emails lost. Keeping up with the customer is vital and when messages are not responded to in a timely manner your customer will look for the product or service elsewhere. 
  2. Employees do not want their personal emails to be tracked or a breach of security. This is a major concern for many in the business world. There are those who think the manager will be viewing their personal email within the CRM. The only way your personal email is going to be viewed is if the CRM is given permission. CRMs are not used to spy on employees. 
  3. Having to label emails is a waste of time. Labeling emails is not what the sales team wants to be doing. And when adding data to the CRM manually there are many things that can be overlooked or forgotten.
  4. Clicking the “track email in CRM” not working properly. Although the button was clicked to save the email it cannot be found under where it was supposed to be filed. 
  5. Large emails not being tracked properly. Some of the best available CRM email tracking applications have issues with tracking and filing large emails. 

Fixing CRM Email Tracking Issues

Your business has this beautiful CRM to help keep everything and everyone on the same page, but the frustration is mounting. There are emails that are not being tracked correctly and your business sales are starting to suffer. Is there a fix that is easy to work with? The answer is yes. 

Welcome to SalesDirector’s Autoscribe

AutoScribe provides 100% activity and contact capture. Even better, there is no complicated series of events to set AutoScribe up because it is a “set it and forget it” application. Gone are the days of plugin headaches. Best of all? Your sales team does not have to sit and load data into the CRM with click after click. 

Autoscribe also allows the sales management to see what is happening in real-time. Having the ability to guide the sales team when it is needed adds to the success. 

Crm activity tracking

Autoscribe also automatically logs calendar events. Often, when meetings are scheduled, they cannot be put into the calendar right away. As time goes by the individual forgets to add the meeting date and time to the calendar and it is forgotten. Missed opportunities cost the company sales and profit. Missed meetings and emails also do not help the salesperson make their sales quota or goal.

The addition of AutoScribe as a CRM email tracking software allows more freedom without important data being lost. Offering the sales team tools that help them with the data input makes for a happier and more successful team all the way around.

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