Are Mobile Device Manufacturers Responsible for Car Crashes?

Distracted driving is a major concern in Hollywood and across the country, causing numerous car crashes each year. Who is to blame for distracted drivers? Some people argue it is the manufacturers of mobile devices and cars who should be held liable for distracted driving.

Recently, a man in California sued a major manufacturer of cell phones, alleging he was in a car accident caused by a driver distracted by one of the company’s phones. The man alleges the cell phone manufacturer has the patents and ability to add lockout technology to its devices to prevent car accidents caused by distracted drivers. His lawsuit wants to see the manufacturer to stop sales of all devices until the lockout technology is mandatory for all phones.

This is not the first lawsuit to be launched against the manufacturer of a mobile device or a car. Many people alleged that mobile devices are themselves inherently distracting, even when drivers use hands-free devices. Some people even claim that the dashboard on newer models of cars are distracting, as they require drivers take their eyes off the road in order to adjust settings. Some dashboards even have rotating series of pictures or can stream movies, which allegedly mean added sources of distraction.


Other experts, however, note that it is up to drivers to avoid distraction and it is up to them to use all technology safely and efficiently. It’s not a new argument. When CD players and radios were first introduced in cars, there were some safety experts who cautioned that these devices could be distractions and would cause car accidents. Mobile devices and high-tech dashboards are only the latest types of technology which can cause drivers to focus on something other than the roads.


The matter where you stand, if you have been injured by a driver who was distracted and caused a car accident, you may have a claim. Whether you decide to file a claim against the manufacturer of the device causing the distraction or against the driver themselves, you do have legal options. To explore all your legal options, contact the compassionate attorneys at Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. Your free, no obligation consultation lets you ask questions and get answers to your questions.

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