6 Logiforms Features to Use for Back-To-School

People use Logiforms for various reasons -and from various industries. Here’s an example: online forms are an easy way for educators to facilitate specific actions they want their students to perform, from enrolling in certain classes to course scheduling and general communications with the students. Our online form designer can truly improve how you communicate and collaborate with your students.

Here are 6 key Logiforms features:

1. Make Long Enrolments Easy

If you’re worried the long enrollment process might make you lose students halfway, don’t be. Logiforms allows students the option of pausing filling in the form and finish completing at their convenience.

2. Show Available Courses

With Logiforms, you can pull all your available courses into your form based on what you select. You can choose to populate a list based on campus or even just a term, it’s up to you.

3. Design How You Want

Anyone can design the Logiforms forms the way they like, creating an entirely personalized look and feel for the forms. This goes great especially if you want to persuade an undecided student to sign up for your courses. For instance, you could include certain pictures in the form that may spark the student’s interest.

4. File Uploads

Do you want your students to upload a file when signing up for your classes? That’s not a problem with Logiforms! The program allows you to upload different types of files, from word documents if the students must submit a personal essay to images or any other type of file you require. All in the same form with no extra hassle.

5. Conditional Responses

Logiforms allows you to set up automatic emails, URL redirects, or thank you messages displayed when the form is submitted. You can even send an email to a student reminding them to finish filling in the form to sign-up for a class so that you don’t risk losing them because of it. All these messages can be personalized to include the student’s name, making the line of communication feel more personal.

6. It Works on Mobile

Perhaps one of the biggest pros of our form designer is its mobile-friendliness. Students can fill up the form right from the comfort of their mobile devices without having to worry about pictures not loading, or not being able to read the form properly. Logiforms works across different types of mobile screens without any problems. And, considering that most students actually prefer to do everything on their phones these days, that’s a pretty important feature to have.


The value of online forms in the education sector in undisputable, but not all online forms have the same quality of services. Logiforms was designed to cater to various needs educational institutions may have with student enrollment and communications, so check out our plan and start the back-to-school period on the right foot!

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