Trenchless Technology: Fixing a Sewer Line Without All the Digging.

The thought of fixing a sewer line can bring up images of dug up yards and destroyed floorings in most homeowners. Well, that may have been true in the past, but with the latest trenchless technology, it is possible to fix a sewer line without significant digging of your property. The technology is designed to have a minimal impact on your property and provide a better solution to the sewer pipes at the same time.

Trenchless technology has been around for more than 15 years and is gaining popularity amongst homeowners and professionals alike. There are many aspects of the technology that make it the best sewer replacement technology today. Let’s take a closer look at trenchless technology and fixing a sewer line without all the digging.

What is trenchless technology?

It is a revolutionary technology that allows replacing the existing sewer pipes without the need to dig them up. The setup of the trenchless operation is quite simple to understand. A couple of holes are drilled into the ground at the ends of the pipe that need replacement to access the line. The holes act as access points to the existing pipe. A hydraulic system is attached at one of the access points, and a replacement pipe liner is attached to the other. Once the pipe liner is into the existing sewer pipe, the hydraulic system pulls it all the way to the other end. The Buster attached to the line puts pressure on the existing pipe causing it to shatter, and the liner takes its place.

Thus, in one smooth operation, the old sewer pipe is busted and replaced by a new pipe. All of this requires just two small holes at the ends of the main sewer pipe that need replacing. Once the job is done, the plumber can fill these holes in the ground in no time.

Advantages of trenchless technology

Less damage: One of the clear benefits of the trenchless technology is the fact that there is no need of extensive digging. As the procedure involved drilling up of two small holes, there is no reason to tear up the flooring or dig up your front yard. It can save a lot of time and money as well.

Better quality and safer sewer: Another advantage of the technology is the pipe that is used to replace the existing sewer pipe. The pipe used in trenchless technology does not contain any joints what so ever. As a result, there is less chance of tree roots, dirt and debris to get into the sewer. Furthermore, the pipes used in trenchless technology are more resistant to corrosion than the traditional sewage pipes. These pipes can resist the action of corrosive chemicals in the soil and hence last much longer compared to the traditional pipes.

Less cost: The overall cost of replacing the sewer pipes with trenchless technology is lower compared to the traditional method. The Trenchless replacement does not require extensive digging up. As a result, there is less labor involved. Also, you will not have to redo your flooring or landscaping with trenchless technology.

Less hassle: The digging up of the sewer pipes can cause a disruption of water or gas lines. Hence, with a traditional replacement, you will be forced to face inconvenience till the procedure is completed. However, as trenchless technology does not involve significant digging, there is the least inconvenience to the homeowners.

Trenchless technology is the best and safest way to replace your damaged sewer lines. If you are getting your sewer lines replaced, discuss trenchless technology options with your plumber. It may save you a lot of time, money and trouble!

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