How To Temporarily Patch a Leaking or Broken Pipe in Clearwater, FL?

Do you want to know how to temporarily patch a leaking or broken sewer pipe in Clearwater, FL? One way to temporary minimize damage from leaking pipes is by patching a broken or leaking pipe. However, this should only be for a short period as you wait for a plumber or repipe specialist.

Keep in mind that most plumbing problems occur as emergencies. Any delay can lead to permanent water damage to your property. This post gives 5 stop-gap measures on how to deal with leaking or broken pipes.

How to Temporarily Patch a Leaking or Broken Pipe in Clearwater, FL?

Epoxy Compounds

• One of the best ways to patch leaking or broken pipes, for example, cast iron, is by using epoxy compounds. These compounds enable you to patch up leaking pipes until you replace them entirely.

• They are not a permanent solution, what they do is prevent water damage to your property.

Pipe Clamps

• Pipe clamps are also used in submarines and aircraft carriers. That means you can trust them to fix broken pipes and leaking pipes.

• Leaking pipes can lead to severe water damage to your house. You should consider contacting plumbers or repipe specialists to replace them.

Pipe Wraps

• Pipe wraps are another way to temporary patch a leaking or broken pipe. You can find them at most local hardware shops. You harden them around a tube to repair leaks.

• Keep in mind that they are similar to epoxy. You need to patch them in the right place. Another advantage of pipes wraps is you can use them on any pipes types, leaks or cracks.

Rubber Pipe Connectors

• Rubber connectors or couplings are ideal for leaks in the middle or joints of pipes. You wrap and tighten them around the leak. If you are experiencing toilet leaks, waste laundry water or other water problems, you should consider them to stops leakages.

• They need you to do some cutting. That means you should hire a plumber to carry out this work if you aren’t sure how to cut them.

Repair Sleeves

• They are best for pinholes or joint repairs. They are similar to clamps, meaning they are another viable fix if you need fast repairs.

• You should consider them for small cracks. Remember water leakage problems persist if you don’t solve them by either replacing sewer pipes or hiring professional plumbers.

What to Do

• Water leakages problems can lead to extensive damage to your property. The above solutions are only temporary. You should make sure you contact professional repipe specialists or plumbers to solve these problems.

• Replacing damaged water pipes also leads to increase in the value of your property. That means you should plan your budget estimates and contact plumbing companies for physical assessments.

• When hiring water repipe specialists, ensure they provide you with written estimates. That enables you to plan your budget.

• Check which types of material these experts say they will use. That’s because they affect their quotes.

• Consider plumbers with physical addresses within FL. That enables you to reach them fast in the case of emergencies.

• You should also ask for warranties. That allows you to receive these services from reputable companies.

• Another way to hire plumbers is to ask for referrals and checking their online reviews. It enables you to find out how other clients rate their services.


The above guide on how to temporarily Patch a Leaking or Broken Pipe in Clearwater, FL? Should make you consider contacting whole house water repipe specialists in your locality. Remember to check your budget estimates and check their online reviews.

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